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The uniform flow

Uniflow is the high-performance droplet separation technology which delivers 99.9% dry gas and is suitable for use with any refrigerant. The unique design of the horizontal droplet separator ensures the uniform flow rate of the gas to be dried. It is that uniform flow which ensures that the gas is properly dry.


Droplet separation

a droplet is separated when it reaches ‘the bath’.
This theory is based on the assumption that a droplet falls at a speed Ut under the influence of gravity. The fall time is determined by the fall height, Hsep. (Droplet fall time = Hsep/Ut) The gas velocity is Ug while the horizontal distance that the droplet travels before being absorbed by the surface of the liquid is Lsep. (Droplet retention time is Lsep/Ug.)
Based on this formula, you would have to extract all the droplets from the gas. However, the maximum achievable result is 98% dry gas – or 2% wet gas.


What does uniflow differently

research into conventional droplet separation technology showed Prevesco that in order for droplet separation to be efficient, a uniform gas flow is required. It is also important to know how the return gas is spread across the gas segment. We developed a maintenance-free distribution mechanism which ensures a uniform gas flow. With this, droplet separation is 100 times more efficient than in previous droplet separators, reducing the content of harmful moisture in the compressor significantly and compressing the drier gas more effectively. A double benefit in terms of efficiency.

Conventional droplet separation technique

for a long time, separation technology was based on models with uncertainties, averages and assumptions when calculating the moment of separation. Models which were also heavily influenced by design limitations, conditions and the refrigerant used. As a result, the gas was never drier than 98%. The remaining moisture content – equivalent to a rain shower – constantly attacked the system. In order for the system to work safely, an overload of additional safety features had to be built in.


applications of Uniflow

Uniflow technology really comes into its own when used in industrial cooling technology. as a result, Uniflow is currently being used in pump systems in particular, with less focus on cooling systems based on direct expansion (DX).

the high level of performance delivered by Uniflow is not dependent on whether a cooling system is sub- or transcritical. however when choosing the right size Uniflow, temperature is obviously an important factor.

the performance of Uniflow droplet separation is the same regardless of the refrigerant used, making the droplet separator suitable for a range of applications. Uniflow can be used as a pump container, racing vessel, chiller, economizer or intercooler.

  • Pumping system
  • DX system


the simplest use of Uniflow is as an individual droplet separator and accumulator. There is a range of vessels of increasing capacity that can be used for this application. The design is standardized. You can easily calculate the most suitable solution for your system using the calculation tool on this site. Droplet separation with Uniflow delivers 99.99% dry gas – whatever the refrigerant used.


Racing vessel

the unique Uniflow technology enables the gas to pass through the droplet separator at a high flow rate, creating a high capacity in a relatively small vessel. separation without a buffer volume makes optimum use of the system. Uniflow can be used effectively as a racing vessel for expanding an existing cooling system or when carrying out a retrofit. the old separator can serve as a buffer vessel while a small Uniflow can be installed to provide unprecedented efficient droplet separation.



Uniflow separation technology can easily be combined with plate heat exchangers to create a chiller. For the Unilaval system, the design of the vessel was adapted to take into account the connection to the heat exchangers. With this, the separator is positioned next to, or possibly between, a number of plate heat exchangers.

This combination, which is particularly easy to control, works with an exceptionally low refrigerant charge, has a low overall height and has a much higher partial load COP of approximately 7% because the exchanger is not operating fully charged.

Unilaval is available in standard sizes but larger or adapted designs can also be produced.


Cascade NH3/CO2

Uniflow can be installed in two places in NH3/CO2 cascade systems so that you can enjoy double the benefit with this highly efficient droplet separation in your cooling system. On the NH3 side, the chiller – such as the Unilaval, for example – delivers optimum performance when Uniflow is installed while on the CO2 side, the system benefits from Uniflow once again in the form of a simple pump container. The calculation tool on this site makes it easy for you to calculate, select and order both options.

other applications


Uniflow also comes into its own as an economizer. use the efficient technology for expanding the condensate in two stages and for producing real droplet-free flash gas that can be directed to the eco-port of the screw compressor. use the calculation tool to quickly and easily calculate, select and request a quotation for the Uniflow that is right for you.


open flash intercooler

Uniflow can also serve as an open flash intercooler for cooling the compressed gas from the low-pressure compressor almost to saturation temperature and letting the condensate from the condenser expand in a two-stage process. and naturally for supplying the droplet-free vapor to the high-pressure compressor. use the calculation tool to quickly and easily calculate, select and request a quotation for the Uniflow that is right for you.


DX system




Uniflow believes in the power of collaboration. high performance, standardization and series production are benefits that Uniflow already offers itself but which really come into their own when they are seamlessly linked to the systems produced by our cooperation partners. the company’s partnership with Alfa Laval Benelux and ECR NL has already proven this. Can you see possibilities for collaboration with Uniflow too? We would be happy to discuss your ideas with you. Just contact

APS Ltd.

The partnership between Uniflow and Alfa Laval extended to the UK through our British partner Applied Product Solutions Ltd. The combination of Uniflow separator and an Alfa Laval PHE is sold by APS Ltd in UK. We manufacture Uniflow and APS assembles the unit.

Chris Curtis
+44 (0)1733 243777

ECR (beijer ref group)

ECR’s standard cooling units always contain Uniflow droplet separation technology. do you want a complete unit rather than having to build one yourself from individual components, but one which contains Uniflow? then ECR units with guaranteed ´Uniflow inside´ are the right choice for you.

Michel Gouw


About Uniflow


J. Dijkstra, manufacturer of individual items and customized pressure vessels, purchases Prevesco BV from GEA Grasso.


construction of a new business premises in Waalwijk, The Netherlands.


prevesco initiates the development of Uniflow droplet separation technology. together with product developer Titus Bartholomeus of Thermass Innovations BV, Dijkstra embarks on theoretical research into horizontal droplet separation.


construction and testing of the first Uniflow prototype. With the amazing result – even for Prevesco – of 99.99% dry gas. time to urgently develop this concept further in order to standardize the design and the online calculation tool.


launch of Uniflow on the Dutch industrial cooling technology market in February. first product performance demonstrations at Prevesco in Waalwijk, The Netherlands using the prototype.


anouk Dijkstra joins the company with the intention of taking over the company from her father. Alfa Laval Benelux is keen to become involved with the Uniflow concept. Alfa Laval wants to combine Uniflow with its heat exchanger. prevesco designs a second standardized version of Uniflow: UniLaval.


the first order comes in. IBK Airconditioning en Koudetechniek places an order on behalf of Heineken for two Uniflow separators for use in a plant in Myanmar. in practice, Uniflow proves to work just as well as the prototype.


sales of Uniflow is growing. Anouk Dijkstra is appointed as director.


anouk Dijkstra becomes the new owner. series production is now carried out at locations close to the sales markets in Asia and Europe. the production facility in Waalwijk is disposed of and the head office is moved to Amsterdam.


prevesco BV celebrates its 15-year anniversary as a family company. advanced droplet analysis enables Uniflow to be developed further. the first spin-off of the Uniflow droplet separation technology is created. the sales market is expanded to include France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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