About Uniflow


J. Dijkstra, manufacturer of individual items and customized pressure vessels, purchases Prevesco BV from GEA Grasso.


construction of a new business premises in Waalwijk, The Netherlands.


prevesco initiates the development of Uniflow droplet separation technology. together with product developer Titus Bartholomeus of Thermass Innovations BV, Dijkstra embarks on theoretical research into horizontal droplet separation.


construction and testing of the first Uniflow prototype. With the amazing result – even for Prevesco – of 99.99% dry gas. time to urgently develop this concept further in order to standardize the design and the online calculation tool.


launch of Uniflow on the Dutch industrial cooling technology market in February. first product performance demonstrations at Prevesco in Waalwijk, The Netherlands using the prototype.


anouk Dijkstra joins the company with the intention of taking over the company from her father. Alfa Laval Benelux is keen to become involved with the Uniflow concept. Alfa Laval wants to combine Uniflow with its heat exchanger. prevesco designs a second standardized version of Uniflow: UniLaval.


the first order comes in. IBK Airconditioning en Koudetechniek places an order on behalf of Heineken for two Uniflow separators for use in a plant in Myanmar. in practice, Uniflow proves to work just as well as the prototype.


sales of Uniflow is growing. Anouk Dijkstra is appointed as director.


anouk Dijkstra becomes the new owner. series production is now carried out at locations close to the sales markets in Asia and Europe. the production facility in Waalwijk is disposed of and the head office is moved to Amsterdam.


prevesco BV celebrates its 15-year anniversary as a family company. advanced droplet analysis enables Uniflow to be developed further. the first spin-off of the Uniflow droplet separation technology is created. the sales market is expanded to include France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.