Uniflow believes in the power of collaboration. high performance, standardization and series production are benefits that Uniflow already offers itself but which really come into their own when they are seamlessly linked to the systems produced by our cooperation partners. the company’s partnership with Alfa Laval Benelux and ECR NL has already proven this. Can you see possibilities for collaboration with Uniflow too? We would be happy to discuss your ideas with you. Just contact

APS Ltd.

The partnership between Uniflow and Alfa Laval extended to the UK through our British partner Applied Product Solutions Ltd. The combination of Uniflow separator and an Alfa Laval PHE is sold by APS Ltd in UK. We manufacture Uniflow and APS assembles the unit.

Chris Curtis
+44 (0)1733 243777

ECR (beijer ref group)

ECR’s standard cooling units always contain Uniflow droplet separation technology. do you want a complete unit rather than having to build one yourself from individual components, but one which contains Uniflow? then ECR units with guaranteed ´Uniflow inside´ are the right choice for you.

Michel Gouw